Outdoing IT.

Our trajectory

Elumini's history brings together countless other stories. The dedication of the professionals here has created success stories and lessons learned that only those who are committed to results can collect.

Since 2004, this has been Elumini's differential: commitment to delivery. This has led to long-standing partnerships with clients, market leaders and exponents who use IT as part of their strategy.

We call our services solutions. Because they solve specific needs. And we only know how to work with technology that generates business value.


Financial Strength

Elumini is DUN&BRADSTREET certified, proof of credibility, authenticity and trust to do business in the national and global markets.

We work with a purpose that places the professional at the center

"Helping IT professionals find the right job for them, through Outsourcing that values and welcomes people, always respecting the client's culture."

Values or how we live our purpose

At Elumini, interaction between people and collaborative communication happen naturally.


We like people who like IT.

Good Humor

It’s better to be happy than sad.


Behind this IT there is also a beating heart.


We are the beginning, the end and the middle.


We respect the culture code of each environment.

A team of top professionals, the quality of deliveries and productivity are synergistic when a good environment is preserved.

Elumini is Great Place to Work® certified and has been included since 2011 in the ranking of the Best Companies to Work For.

Code of Conduct and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy

Our working approach is based on two foundations:

  • Understanding who our employees are, identifying skills and characteristics to accurately meet the client's needs.
  • Respecting each client's culture and environment, building a harmonious and productive relationship for both parties.

But first and foremost, our employees and clients must understand and corroborate the principles set out in our Code of Conduct and Ethics and our Anti-Corruption Policy.

True quality

Elumini's Quality Policy is a guideline linked to our purpose. That's why it is practiced so intuitively, being present in our daily lives. We have been ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certified since 2005.

Our team

Eduardo Farias

CEO Elumini

Gilberto Martins

COO Elumini

Marianna Ford


Gustavo Sobral


Natalie Tavares


Our units

Rio de Janeiro

São Paulo

New York



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